Why do I need Local SEO for my small business Sign Company?

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Why do I need Local SEO for my small business Sign Company? - The SEO Tactical

Would you like to understand better why you need Local SEO for your Sign Company? Read on to find out more, including two important tools to improve your local SEO.

Why do I need Local SEO for my small business?

Even though many Sign Companies work nation wide, most of your clients are probably local. Meaning that your in-house installation team will drive up to a certain radius to provide sign installations for your customer. This is one of the reasons where Local SEO comes into place. Most of your customers require installation and they will be looking for a local sign company. Therefore, apart from ranking with important keywords, you want to make sure to rank locally so potential customers in the area can find you when they do a ‘near me’ search.

In this blog post we will describe two important tools to improve your local SEO.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) was Google+ until March 2019. It’s a free platform created by Google and it’s connected to Google Maps, which shows the location of your sign company. Start with creating a profile via the following link and make sure to optimize your profile. Optimizing your profile includes filling in all your information which is pretty self explanatory, but make sure to focus on your keywords when you do so.

After creating your free listing it’s important to keep your Google My Business profile active. The same way that you’ll keep your website up to date with relevant content, you’ll have to do the same for your Google My Business profile. One way to do this is by creating posts on a regular basis. You can share news about your company or simply link to one of you blog posts. We always recommend to include a link to your website in each post.

Apart from the posts you can also upload images, The Sign Industry being a visual industry, this is a great way to show off your work and potential. When uploading pictures, make the effort to name your pictures with relevant keywords and a city. This will help with ranking, especially for Local SEO when you include a city from within your service area.

Local Listings

Being present on local listing sites plays a large role in Local SEO. For reference, a few platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Yahoo Local and Yellow Pages. Appearing in as many relevant local citations as possible will send good local signals to Google that your small business is a solution for related queries in the corresponding areas. When creating the listings it’s very important that all listings are accurate and there are no duplicates. There are several services available to help with your local listings. One of the services that we recommend at The SEO Tactical is whitespark.com. They provide the service as a one time fee, opposed to other services that charge annually.

Due to the importance of Local SEO for Sign Companies, it’s include in our SEO Packages. We’ll execute your local SEO as flawlessly as possible to  ensure that you’re one of the top ranking domains in terms of categorization proximity.

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