What We Do

Competitive Analysis

We look for opportunities to outrank your competitors, by analyzing your strengths and implementation through keyword research.

Page Optimization

We optimize your web pages to be found by search engines and improve organic ranking. Resulting in higher conversion.

Site Health

We'll take care of your site health, which is often overlooked and can cause problems, related to bad ranking results.

Local SEO

Advertising a locally oriented business or physical location with Local SEO. Bring customers directly to your doorstep.

Website Design

A new website design might be a better option for some. Optimized for SEO, with a good site structure and content.

Content Creation

Content is king and especially when it comes to SEO. We create relevant and SEO friendly content for your webpages and blog.

A Real Success Story

At The SEO Tactical we bring together our passion for online marketing and our experience as a business owner in the United States. Having successfully marketed our own company through SEO, now our objective is to share this experience with you.

We are providing a focused service to companies, based on the marketing strategy we applied in our own company. Meanwhile we have helped many other businesses with their online marketing goals through effective Website Design, Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation.

Customer Centric Approach

Our Process

We understand your needs and develop a SEO strategy to achieve your growth objectives.

Initial Meeting

Understanding your company objectives to establish marketing & content goals

Website Audit

In depth scan of your original website to identify improvements for SEO & conversion

Develop Strategy

Here we come up with a game plan in terms of keywords and content, tailor made for your company objectives

Into Action

Implementing SEO strategy and content creation to achieve results that are targeted towards your business

Strategy Review

On a monthly basis we review your results and tweak the strategy according to the results and your needs

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