6 Tips for good website design that can increase your conversion rate

Website Design - The SEO Tactical

At The SEO Tactical we focus on search engines rankings and driving traffic to your website. However what happens if potential customers land on your website? Clicks and website traffic is not enough to generate conversion. Therefore an attractive website design is important to turn your website visitors into customers. In this article we’ll focus […]

The new Google algorithm update for 2021 explained: Page experience

New Google Algorithm Update for 2021 _ The SEO Tactical

As you might have heard during the past year, Google has announced a new algorithm update for 2021. They announced the update in May 2020 but due to the coronavirus they postponed the roll out till May 2021. This will give companies plenty of time to make changes to their website, as not to affect […]

Photography Guidelines for great website images

Photography Guidelines - The SEO Tactical | SEO Company

The sign industry is, in its core, a visual industry. Pictures are a fundamental aspect of your digital marketing, and that’s where photography guidelines come into place. Not only to improve your position in all different search engines, but also to attract the right clientele to your website. You want to show your potential clients […]