Blogging done right! Strengthen your SEO and improve ranking

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An effective blogging strategy to strengthen your SEO and improve ranking - The SEO Tactical

Effective blogging is extremely important to strengthen your SEO and improve your ranking in the search engines. It’s crucial for your potential customers to be able to find you in order to generate sales. Therefore, everyone wants to rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s). Blogging is a very effective strategy to increase your SERP’s ranking, if done right.

Keyword stuffing is long behind us. Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions. At The SEO Tactical we use a variety of on-page SEO tactics to give you more opportunities to rank in search engines and get customers to visit your site.

We have written a detailed SEO dictionary, where we explained the most used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms. You may reference this throughout reading this article.

1. The topic of your blog

Effective blogging starts with an interesting topic of your blog. As mentioned above, you want to provide relevant answers to your customer’s questions. In order to find out what the questions are that your customers are needing answers to, we do extensive keyword research. When doing keyword research we focus on long tail keywords to determine interesting topics for your blog. In combination with the keyword research we keep in mind your company objectives, to attract the type of clientele that you are looking for.

Title Tag

The Title Tag is the first location where we will include the long tail keyword. Frankly speaking this is the most important step in determining the relevancy for your content in search engines. The keywords need to be included in the first 60 characters of your title, because that’s where Google cuts titles off on SERP’s. In addition to the keywords we will include the city of a location that you would like to rank for. Later more on this topic about local SEO.


Even prior to the Title Tag, search engines crawl your URL to find out where your blog is about. Therefore we will include the same keywords into the URL, as part of the optimization. 

Meta Description

The meta description provides your customers and the search engines with a description of the content of your blog post. Again, we will include your long term keyword in the meta description.  In addition to making sure that the long tail keyword is included in the meta description, the meta description has to be attractive. The copy needs to be engaging to encourage people to click on the link and visit your website. Within a space of 300 characters it’s an opportunity to give readers more insight into what each result will give them.

2. Relevant Content

After drawing potential customers to your blog by an attractive Title Tag and Meta Description, informational content is what keeps your customers engaged. You want to make sure that your customers get the answers to the information that they are looking for. Therefore it is important to create relevant content, written by industry professionals.

The sign industry is a very niche market and provides an opportunity to educate your customers on several topics. Relevant information generates trust and increases the likelihood of potential customers willing to work with you. All blog content that we provide is only written by industry professionals, with a substantial background in the sign industry.

In addition to the content being written by industry professionals we also consider the tone of voice that is right for your company. Either focusing on informational posts, attracting construction companies, developers or architects. Or perhaps a more commercial approach towards small business owners.

3. Image Optimization

High quality images, showing the potential of your company, is crucial when it comes to blogging. To create more engaging content we work with the actual images of our clients. Real images of your company have a higher conversion, compared to stock images. Although we understand that you are not a photographer, good quality images can make a difference when showcasing your work. Therefore we have created an e-book with our best tips & tricks for good images.

Download our FREE eBook here: ‘Photography that sells’.

Image Alt Tags

Second to high quality images, you may not have realized the importance of alt-tagging your images and how proper alt-tagging is vital for strong SEO strategy. Adding an Alt Tag to an image is basically adding a label to describe what the image is about. We’ll use keywords & cities in the Alt Tag of the image, to help Google better understand the image. Carefully adding Alt Tags to your images will help your images to show up in the search engines, which is even more important in a visual business like the sign industry.

Optimize Images

One other way to optimize images is by reducing the file size of the image. Google’s algorithm change in 2021 is focusing towards site speed. Large images can considerably reduce your website loading speed, which you want to avoid for better search results. Therefore we will reduce image file sizes for optimized results, without sacrificing the quality of the image.

The location of the image in your blog post also plays a role We will position an optimize image with alt text between relevant text content in your blog post.

4. Local SEO

Although your company might work on a national level, most Sign Companies have a local client base. Taking this into consideration, Local SEO is an important SEO strategy to attract customers within your service area. When you go local, your only competitors are other businesses operating in the same region. It’s an excellent way to avoid trying to claim the top search engine rankings at a nationwide level.

Google My Business

The foundation of a successful local SEO strategy starts with an optimized Google My Business (GMB) account. Google My Business is a free platform from Google that is connected to your listing on Google Maps. Optimizing your GMB profile with keywords, optimized images and regularly post updates can’t be forgotten as an effective way to improve local SEO. Consequently posting updates in your GMB profile is often overlooked, amongst other Social Media platforms. Since GMB is connected to Google it favors optimized and actives profiles.

Geo Tag Images & Title Tags

There are many ways to improve your local SEO but when it comes to blogging we focus on geotagging your images and optimizing your Title Tag. We briefly mentioned before that we always include a city from your service area in your Image Alt Tag and Title Tags. This is not limited to the city that you are located in but can include the full service area. Focusing on this strategy, will provide a competitive advantage to your local competitors.

5. Anchor Text & Internal Linking

Internal linking to improve SEO is an effective blogging strategy that is more commonly used. However it’s often forgotten that you want the keyword to be the anchor text as much as possible. This means that we don’t randomly place internal links in your blog post, but make sure that the anchor text of the link is relevant. An example is ‘read more’, that clearly lacks relevant keywords, fails to inform on what kind of content will actually be found at that link. Instead, being a sign company, a better phrase to use is: ‘Learn more about ADA Compliant Signs’. Based on the keyword research we will implement anchor text internal linking, as part of our blogging strategy.

Are you looking for some help with blogging to improve your SEO? Need help to come up with informative topics for your blog, writing relevant content and implement our technical best practices? Contact us today and we’ll help you with an effective blogging strategy that it’s right for your business.

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